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Scratch off online games is an instant lottery game created in 1974. The name of the game comes from the word scratch (English) – “scratch”, “scrape”. The entertainment was characterized by exceptional simplicity of rules and accessibility. The ability to instantly recognize the results of the drawing – another advantage that allowed to win numerous fans. Best scratch offs to play lottery demos for free, without registration.

How to play scratch cards – classic rules

In the classic version scratch offs to play are in the form of small tickets. On their front side there is a playing field with nine cells. In each sector there are images marked by the rules. The drawings are hidden under a special coating. The lottery participant is offered to erase the coating to see the pictures.

Winning brings the best scratch off to play, in the cells of which there are three identical images. A separate sector indicates the amount of the reward. You will also be able to play real money scratch off app.

Initially, scratch games online were issued in the form of printed tickets. Online versions of the instant lottery appeared in the early two-thousand years. The first scratch games were offered by Scratch2Cash company. Created using Flash and Java technologies, they simulate the process of erasing the tape.

Players can “scrape” the coating in two ways:

  • sequentially in each cell by hovering the mouse over the desired sector;
  • in all cells at once. To do this, the Scratch All or Show Card key is used, depending on the version of the game. Pressing it instantly opens all the images on the card.

Instant lotteries have become widespread in the online gambling industry. Today, free scratch off games win real money are available in the collections of most manufacturers of gaming software and in the range of entertainment of major online casinos.

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Modern versions of online scratch cards

Virtual lotteries have additional features. In an effort to diversify the entertainment, developers present the best scratch off games in various improved versions. As a result, users are offered lottery tickets of all different types.

Cards with increased field sizes

On best scratch games of this type, the game fields are supplemented with several rows and levels. Several dozen cells with images can be present in them. To get a win, it is necessary not just to find a few identical pictures. It is necessary to collect a number of identical images located vertically, diagonally or horizontally, depending on the rules of the game.

Scratch cards with “winning” pictures

On such tickets, a special “winning” picture is determined. It is located in a separate cell. The image is immediately assigned a specific value. The user receives a reward if the “winning” picture is available on the general playing field.

Scratch cards with service symbols

The most common in lotteries is one of two variants of special drawings:

  • “wild” symbol. He is able to replace any picture and complete the set of images to get a win;
  • bonus symbol. Appearing in the cells of the lottery ticket, it gives the right to participate in additional prize rounds.

Scratch cards with bonus games

The launch of prize rounds is mainly carried out by the mentioned bonus symbol. In various types of lotteries, bonus rounds are realized in the form of:

  • pick&win mini-game. The user is offered to select drawings for additional prizes;
  • Wheel of Fortune. Depending on the rules, the gambler can get a reward in credits or additional multipliers;
  • Additional free cards – an analog of free spins in slot machines.

Scratch cards with a video clip

A worthy example of scratch off online with video clips can serve as a model of Rocky Scratch Playtech. The scratch card has three cells. In each – images of rivals Rocky. The user is invited to choose a participant in the competition. Selecting a cell will launch a short video – a simulation of the battle broadcast. A prize is awarded if Rocky defeats the opponent.

Scratch cards in poker

Online casinos are not the only place to find unique instant lotteries. Online scratch off lottery have become popular on poker websites as well. PokerStars, in particular, offers active users lottery tickets as part of their bonus policy. The drawings follow traditional rules, with winners receiving cards featuring three matching symbols.


Modern manufacturers are constantly presenting new projects aimed at increasing the attractiveness of instant lotteries for users. Digital platforms are developed, the best scratch off apps that pay real money are created, the range of models is expanding. Experts predict further development of the online instant lottery market.